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1958 CADILLAC ELDORADO BROUGHAM #436. ORIGINAL 110 BLACK PAINT WITH ORIGINAL 130 LT. GRAY BAYOU CLOTH WITH DARK GREY LEATHER AND #1 KARAKUL WOOL CARPET . 39,547 ORIGINAL MILES. RUST FREE, 90 PERCENT ORIGINAL PAINT. BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL INTERIOR. MATCHING NUMBER ORIGINAL ENGINE. BUMPERS RESTORED AT A COST OF OVER 10K. ONE SMALL SEPERATION IN WINDSHIELD AS SHOWN. NICE ROOF. NICE SUN VISORS. ORIGINAL VOGUE TIRES. JACK, SPARE, NO VANITIES, CAR RUNS AND MOVES, BRAKES ARE VERY WEAK, NEW PLUGS AND WIRES, MISSING THE REAR BUMPER LOUVERS AND ONE FRONT GRILL MOLDING CONNECTOR HISTORY- SOLD NEW IN CHICAGO ILLINOIS WHERE IT WAS STORED FROM 1961 TO 1999 WHEN THE SECOND OWNER BOUGHT IT FROM THE WIFE. I KNOW THE SECOND OWNER AND RECENTLY SPOKE WITH HIM. HE TOLD ME THAT THE CUSTOM GEAR SHIFT LEVER WAS WITH THE CAR WHEN HE BOUGHT IT. HE GOT IT RUNNING AND DRIVING AND THE AIR SUSPENSION WORKED. HE DID A LITTLE PAINT WORK ON THE TRUNK LID AND RIGHT REAR FIN AREA. HE SOLD IT TO THE 3RD OWNER IN CALIFORNIA ABOUT 2004 WHO WANTED IT FOR THE VANITIES. THE FOURTH OWNER IN CHICAGO BOUGHT IT IN 2004 AND RECHROMED THE BUMPERS. I RECENTLY PURCHASED THE CAR . NO VANITY ITEMS. CAR HAS SURFACE RUST ON ORIGINAL NON UNDERCOATED FLOORS AND FRAME. THE BODY HAS SOME DINGS IN THE PAINT THAT DONT SHOW UP IN PHOTOS.MOSTLY ON THE HOOD AND FRONT FENDERS . THE AIR RIDE SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. CLEAR TITLE. History of Brougham # 426: (written by second owner Lance Hirsch & edited slightly for length). Purchased new in Chicago, IL by "George's Personalized Service". Not sure what type of service was provided, but rumor has that the dealership it came from was where the Chicago mob bought their cars! The imagination can run wild thinking about the goings on in this car as well as the conversations on the phone. That's right - George had a phone installed in the car. It's no longer there; the only remaining signs of it are a rubber plug filling the hole where the antenna was and an imprint of a box that was mounted in the trunk. Having a Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was quite a statement in 1958, but to add a phone to the car in 1958 really kicks it up a notch. The car may have had a chauffer at times. The gear shifter was personalized with a monogram "J. R. JR.". Perhaps George was running a town car or limo service? To add even more luxury to an already luxurious vehicle, George installed an FM radio under the dash. This has been identified as either a '59 or '60 FM radio. How many FM radio stations were around back then? George apparently shut down his business and transferred the car's title to himself. Unfortunately, George didn't get to drive the car much for in 1962 he went blind. He would not sell his car though. He loved it too much to let it go. He even kept it tuned up and inspected for a while. He eventually lost interest in maintaining the car and it sat in his garage until his death in 1998. I can imagine George going out to the garage and sitting in his beloved car, recalling the days when he would ride in or drive it. As a regional director of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Lance Hirsch was contacted by an associate of an auto broker contracted to sell the car by George's widow. Lance was asked about Broughams and what might be the best way to market the car. Lance's response was to fly to Chicago and buy the car! How often do you find a garage kept Brougham stored since 1962 that runs on air ride and has just under 39,000 miles! Of course some maintenance had to be done to make the car road worthy, but roadworthy she is! If you've never ridden in or driven a car with air ride, you don't know what you're missing.

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